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Providing unlimited computing power to numerous industries.

Computer Generated Image (CGI) industries use CoT Network to render models, images, videos, animations.

Big Data industries use CoT Network to process the massive data.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) industries use CoT Network to train models (e.g., distributed deep learning algorithm).

Intelligent Manufacturing industries use CoT Network to analyze data stream in the process.

Gaming, social networking, video streaming industries use CoT Network to support their Decentralized APPs.

The Problem

There are countless tasks requiring computing resources.

However, currently available options can be very slow and expensive

There are countless devices with considerable computing power.

However, they are mostly idle in their lifetime (e.g., a smartphone is idle 20 hours a day, go test it if you want).

But fear not, for CoT Network has the answer! And it is quite simple.

A decentralized massive computing network featuring distributed computing and storage.

powered by idle times of all kinds of devices from individuals and blockchain technology.

Put even simpler, CoT Network is the new computing technology.

The Solution

Only CoT has the necessary tools to build the computing network of the future, today.

01. Distributed Computing

The creation of CoT Network is based upon decades of research about distributed systems in academia and contributions of open-source projects and communities, such as BOINC, XtremWeb, and Globus Toolkit."‎

02. Distributed Storage

CoT Network's original distributed storage system is upgraded by taking in IPFS's advanced features. It distributes, stores, and uses the files seamlessly across our network.‎

03. A Protocol Instead Of A Public Blockchain

CoT Network can work with most of the public blockchains available on the market. And it is a protocol for the various DAPPs building upon the CoT's open source APIs.‎

What You Can Do in the CoT Network

As a consumer

  • Compute
  • A faster, cheaper, easier way to start your work.

As a provider

  • Provide
  • Your devices will compute pieces of important work for consumers. By doing this, you make idle resource valuable.

  • Profit
  • You will make profit by providing your devices' idle computing power to complete consumers' important work.

As a service node

  • Manage
  • You will accept the work from consumers and make it available for providers by generating, scheduling, distributing workunits.

  • Profit
  • You will make profit by being a service node.

As a developer

  • Develop
  • You can develop all kinds of DAPPs based on CoT Network, or even contribute your skills to improve CoT Network.

  • Profit
  • You will make profit by developing and promoting an accepted and widely used DAPP.

Why Choose Us

Advantages of CoT Network with Blockchain

01. Faster:

With our network of smartphones, computers, and servers
we can divide your jobs into pieces and distribute them among thousands of computing nodes.

02. Cheaper:

Our operation costs are minimal due to autonomous networking system and zero investment
in buying and maintaining computing nodes.

03. More Secure:

As our computing nodes and service nodes are distributed across thousands of devices globally
a single point of failure is no more a big threat.